Born and raised in Brazil, Isadora Melo started Brazilian Spot in 2010 while living in Canada "I saw the need for something audacious. I wanted to bring the authenticity of Brazil, quality, and style without losing that mystery behind us women, giving whoever is 'watching us' just enough."

Isadora has worked many years in the clothing and fitness industry as a personal trainer helping women build their confidence. 

"We are more than a clothing line, Brazilian Spot is the representation of the powerful women who are not afraid to show their personality through their clothes." 

Our Brazilian-made pieces are ready-to-go all occasions, with the perfect cut to enhance your sexy curves, promoting comfort style and above all, confidence." Isadora Melo Founder of Brazilian Spot Apparel. 

We want to be a part of every woman's life our ultimate goal is to make you unleash the powerful women within you because you deserve to feel the best version of yourself, confident and sexy.