Toxic People: How to deal with?

If there's someone that makes you feel uncomfortable with or even depressed just by talking, be careful this person probably has a toxic personality. Whether you're running a business, working with a partner or managing a company, the last thing you need is a toxic relationship.

There are several types of toxic people. Some may accumulate various characteristics of each type, depending on the degree of toxicity. Firstly we will dive into 4 types of toxic people that you can notice by their behavior.

The Victim

They are those who cannot take responsibility for their own attitudes. Anything wrong with them gets someone to blame it. A good example is when you see someone you love doing wrong and feel guilty that you can't convince them to do the right thing.

The Bossy

Near them, you cannot have your own opinion. Everything has to be done the way they want it. If they are upset, these people get into a mess hard to face, so people tend to do what they want. An extremely exhausting relationship.

The liar

They are capable of everything to get what they want. Even distorting reality in their favor. At the slightest sign of invention and/or augmentation of facts, stay tuned! Do not forget that omission, that means, is also a form of lie. 

The envious

For these people, good things should only happen to them. No matter how many achievements they have, if the next one achieves something they don't yet have, they are jealous. Such a feeling is what causes many people to use various tricks, such as blackmail and manipulation, to destroy the happiness of others.

How to deal with?

Living with toxic people is more normal than you might think. They are everywhere: family, work, friends, etc. Many people have a life full of accomplishments and yet they fall ill for no reason. Frequent headaches, low self-esteem, and other symptoms may be due to a relationship with a toxic person.

The important thing is to use the information and self-knowledge to your advantage. Knowing how to identify a toxic person and being aware of their strengths and weaknesses is critical to learn not to be carried away by toxicity in relationships.

Say No

If something doesn't please you, don't be afraid to say no. Being afraid to deny something can be a sign that you are dealing with a controlling person and their consequent attacks when countered, for example.


You say you didn't like it. He apologizes, but shortly thereafter, happens again. Because you like him, you avoid complaining and expect him to learn with the time.
Did you recognize the situation? So do yourself a favor and don't do it anymore! If you comment that you did not like a certain attitude and the person continues to do the same things, move away.

You can't recognize yourself

If you no longer recognize yourself, by stopping doing things you used to like before, moods change constantly, beware: you may be living in a toxic relationship. Chances are even greater if a family member or friend comes to comment on you. Be alert!

Can You Fix It?


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