The Beauty Standard Issue

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Different bodies and beauties are reaching more space and expressiveness in the mainstream media. However, the idea of a standard beauty still being an obstacle in accepting body types which are not often on a magazine cover.

The Body confidence speech never was so discussed, the fight against low self-esteem and low body confidence are taking space on the mass media and our everyday talks.

The woman, once imprisoned by beauty through clothes and trends, was imprisoned by the same dictatorship of beauty, now through the cult of the body. Medicine and science have developed so much that they can shape women on nowadays' standards of beauty and sensuality.

There is always a pattern of beauty to be achieved. The ideal body is seen as an object of consumption and pleasure. Crazy diets and plastic surgeries are consequences of this obsession. If a woman with an out-of-the-standard body dares show it in public, whether wearing a bikini or gym clothes, she is “punished” with disapproval looks.

Women, who over the years have been struggling for their freedom of expression, financial independence and the right to vote, today keep struggling for social equality and against the standards of beauty.

Having body confidence is feeling good the way you look to be happy with your own imperfections.


  • Learn to discern whether some aesthetic changes are personal desires or to please others. Do things for yourself and for yourself, more important than the opinion of others is feeling good and happy!

  • Reflect on what can be improved and also recognize what is unchangeable. See what can be done, plan, set goals and put into practice. If you have a purpose to accomplish and face changes, Make them happen!

  • If you feel like you gonna be happier if you change your appearance, do it for your own satisfaction. You can accept yourself, but still having changing projects in mind.

  • Realize and admire all the positive and beautiful things about you. Instead of focusing on criticism and seeking imperfections, emphasize your qualities and value the parts you enjoy most in yourself.

  • More important than a perfect body is a healthy body and a healthy mind. The search for the ideal body may be beyond aesthetic issues, it may involve health issues whether physical or psychological. Never put yourself in risk in order to reach a certain appearance.

If you feel flawless with your curves, Amazing! If you think you'll look better with a new haircut or another hair color, change! If you prefer not to use makeup, okay! But, if you prefer to always have your makeup on, okay too!

The important thing is for you to know and empower yourself, respecting your possibilities, your desires and limitations, realizing that difference and diversity are something positive. And for this, it is necessary to develop both self-esteem and self-knowledge.

That’s it guys, we hope you liked today’s post. Please leave your opinions, experiences, and questions. Share with your friends, help us to spread this message which is so important for a better living with happiness, self-love, and self-knowledge.

Much Love ♥

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