Sustainable Attitudes to Adopt in Everyday Life

The word “Sustainability” has never been used as much as it is today, as we are living in a time when the planet is beginning to show that it will no longer be able to keep us with our irresponsibility. 

But no matter how much we talk about it, some people don't seem to realize or understand what they can and should do to change the situation. It doesn't take much, simple everyday attitudes help to reduce damage to the environment.

Being sustainable doesn't necessarily mean doing great things, knowing that changing small habits can be a big help, so today's is a special list of sustainable attitudes to guide you in leaving a better Earth to the next generations.

 Forget the Disposables

Disposable products have revolutionized the lifestyle of the general people, but there are some disposables that are not really needed or can easily be replaced.

For that afternoon coffee at your workplace, you don't have to use a plastic cup every day, why not buy a mug?

The less disposable material you use, the less waste you will generate. Many establishments are already adjusting to this reality by offering boxes for people to carry their groceries, so depends on you to say no to the plastic bag and all the other disposables.

Save Energy and Water

This tip is great for those who want to help the planet with more sustainable behavior and also want to save money. Saving water and energy is critical so that the resources used for its generation do not run out so quickly.

The cool thing is that the attitudes you need to take to reduce consumption are minimal, start by making sure your home's electrical installations are up to date and fully functioning, paint your walls in light shades that help keep the house enlighted for longer, turn off TV and computer monitors and spend less time in the bath, do your part.

Fix, Exchange or Donate

When something stops working in your home is the right way to trash? To be more sustainable you must fix, exchange or donate these objects. Use things wisely and efficiently, meaning if it gets damaged try to fix it before simply throwing it away.

In case you prefer to buy a new item, donate for someone or make a trade for something that is missing from your home. Avoid throwing the object right away in the trash, as one of the main problems facing the planet is the accumulation of trash.


This word should be part of your daily life, try to maintain a routine of separation of waste, the ones that are organic from the ones that can still be recycled.

The less waste produced the better, this avoids the intense production of gases that affect the environment. Pollution has been a serious environmental problem because they contaminate nearby soil and rivers.

Organic Foods

Many people have resistance to organic foods because they have a considerable price difference compared to others. However, be aware that this higher price is due to the fact that they are harder to find because they do not yet have a strengthened structure like industrial products.

But in addition to helping the planet, you help yourself and your family's health by investing in organic ones. These foods are grown differently without the use of pesticides. Plus, these foods do not need to be processed such as sea salt, brown sugar or whole flour, this way it saves energy in their industrial process.

5 transformational policies for a prosperous and sustainable world

Before we finish today's special post, we have this very valuable TED Talks by sustainability expert, Johan Rockström.


That's all for this week guys. Keep this message on your mind and spread with your family and friends, we are the only chance we have for our home, our Planet.

Much Love ♥

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