Interviewing Vava, from TSOQ

Hi everyone! Today's post will be really special because we're doing our very first interview, and to make this moment even more unique we interviewed Vava, from The Store On Queen.  

Vava, from The Store On Queen

Beautiful smart and absolutely powerful, our Toronto obsession, Valentina, or Vava, an entrepreneur co-owner of The Store on Queen is our today's interviewer and the newest member of our Brazilian-Spot babe squad!

She is an inspiration for all women out there, always speaking the truth - no matter how hard it might sound! We invite you to get to know a bit more about that woman that is always dressed to kill, our fashion inspo, Instagram sensation, and owner of a unique personality, VAVA.

What is your secret to keep that baby face and that tight body?

Haha, you are sweet. I wouldn't say I have a baby face but my skin is important. Sleep is a priority as much as water. I get monthly facials, exfoliate daily, limit stress and both my body and my face benefit from a healthy lifestyle I would say of organic plant-based meals and good vitamins.

 How/when did you meet your business partner/best friend?

7 years ago through my cousin as they lived in the same building.

What is the idea behind the TSOQ? TSOQ is more than just a store...

Well, I'd say that changes often but remains the same is that it is a fun, carefree, judgment-free atmosphere that girls come to find something that makes them feel beautiful.

What is the main quality you look in a man .. and are you single?

I am single. I'm always single lol. His character and how he treats me. I recently dated a man who was amazing to me in that regard.

 How was the first impression after wearing your BSA bodysuit?

Everyone died.
I'm obsessed. I'm don't wear makeup to the gym or any of that but I love feeling cute. I feel that it makes you motivated to stay longer not to mention it is the most comfortable thing I own !! I have 3 now and literally want one for every day.

Why did you decide to join the "Brazilian Spot Babe Squad"?

Because I am obsessed with the product.

That's it guys, thanks for reading. And special thanks to Vava our #brazilianspotbabe we appreciate your kindness for giving us this interview.

Much love from the Brazilian Spot Team ♥

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