Guide for a special Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day coming up, great opportunity to gift and spend an unforgettable day with the loved one. There are so many options it gets difficult to pick one, sometimes is better stick with the classics, like breakfast in bed, or try something unique, a balloon ride, for example.

So today we’ll share a list to help you surprise your BAE, from a basic to a different type of date.

Getaway Spa

Getaway Spa for couples on Valentine's Day

For couples who work hard and would love to enjoy a slack off together, nothing sounds better than a getaway SPA. In addition to being relaxing, it is a chance to connect with the loved one in a romantic and peaceful setting. There are several options of activities for a wellness and quality time together: Couple massages, whirlpool baths and different types of baths that renew and brings lots of benefits.

Balloon ride

Balloon ride for Valentine's Day

Have you ever thought about how romantic would be a scenic flight watching the sunset beside your boo on an amazing balloon ride? Definitely memorable!

Some hot air balloon companies offer special couple rides that'll lift you into the clouds making you feel in heaven.

Chocolate or Wine tasting

Chocolates and wine tasting on Valentine's Day

Looking for a tasteful way to treat your Valentine? Nothing better than a chocolate and wine tasting for you and your loved one to enjoy together. Many restaurants and wineries offer special events during Valentine’s Day.


Dancing Classes for couples on Valentine's Day

What about a dancing class with your best partner? You can take an amateur class, get in a salsa club, or go see live music and jump in the dance floor accompanied by your BAE.


Games to watch on Valentine's Day

The passion for the heart team can make this day even cooler. The atmosphere in the stadium is super fun, but it's good to cheer a lot for the team to win.

Dine and wine at home

Romantic dinner for Valentine's Day

Although dinner at home seems an option considered a cliché, for Valentine's Day, we can do something different with a lot of creativity. You can, for example, prepare a themed dinner and set up a romantic table.

The idea is that dinner has a romantic atmosphere, so remember to put flowers or candles, and a romantic song in the background. As for the menu, you can choose one of your favorite foods.

Netflix and chill

Netflix and Chill on valentine's day

For the Netflix addicted couples, this is a great option on Valentine's Day.
Also, a good way to avoid the bad points of going to the movies. To make a special moment, you can recreate a cinema in your own house with a special Valentine's Day decor, set up a list of romantic movies or series that both of you enjoy.

Love Tape

Romantic Declaration tape idea for Valentine's Day

This one could be an addition to the Netflix marathon, but instead of a Hollywood production, the story streamed would be yours on a super cute love tape, telling about your relationship and memorable moments spent together.

Special Playlist

Romantic Playlist for Valentine's Day

How about creating a playlist on Spotify with songs that best moments on your relationship? If you like more the old school way, you can invest in a CD. But playlists are more practical and it allows you to listen any time!


Romantic serenade on Valentine's Day

If you have musical skills, playing these special songs is absolutely romantic. Music can connect people, and a meaningful track on a special day with the loved one seems like a fairy tale scene.


Romantic Camping ideas for Valentine's Day

If you are an explorer couple, the quiet nature scenario with a fireplace and some s’mores are a wonderful atmosphere for a lovely night.

That's all guys, we hope you liked our suggestions of how to make your Valentine's Day more special, and do not forget the most important thing, to feel good with the person you love.

Tag your BAE on this post to help you pick up the best option for both of you enjoy this date sharing kisses, hugs and true love.

Thank you for reading ♥

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