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American fitness model, entrepreneur, and digital influencer, Paige Hathaway has an incredibly strong passion for fitness. She`s a spokesperson with over 11million global followers through her social media channels, creating reliable content and bringing inspiration, her goal has always been to motivate others to be healthy, fit, and confident in their own skin. Paige continually strives to be an example to others that you can prioritize health and wellness while still living a fun and balanced life.

Paige put on her Nara Top Black to share with us her 30 min workout to start the year smashing your goals!


This is a quick but effective training focused on shoulders, don't go too hard with the weights if you are not used to. Keep working in multiple repetitions and safely increasing to heavier loads. 

Let's check what Paige has to say about this specific workout that she shared with us.

Paige: “My favorite style of training is to mix weight training with some functional movements and to combine some heavier lifts with some with lighter slow controlled movements!! This method of training has helped me put on size while staying lean and feeling great! Here I wanted to show you a great shoulder routine only using dumbbells! This is a great workout if you don’t have access to a lot to equipment (I know a lot of us are traveling for the holidays and might be limited) or if you wanna be tucked away in the gym with your headphones in! This routine is also great if you don’t have a lot of time (takes less than 30 mins) It’s quick, fun and effective!!”

1.) complete 10-12 reps X3
2.) 10 - 12 reps each side X3
3.) complete 15 reps X3
4.)10 - 12 reps each side X3
5.) complete 8-10 reps X3

All right guys, it was more than a pleasure to be with you this year bringing valuable content through this Blog, we hope you learned and got inspired. In order to be even more motivated and crush your New Year Resolutions, we let you these priceless Words of wisdom by The Brazilian Spot Fit Celeb, Paige Hathaway.

Paige: "The new year is just around the corner. (Time passes by so fast 😩) Which means a new start, new goals, bigger dreams and a better you... (isn’t that what we always say at the beginning of the new year?) but why wait for the new year to create this “new / better you” and to ask yourself these questions!? The time is now to take back control of your life (not tomorrow or next week or the “new year.”) Tell yourself NOW that nothing will stop you from reaching your greatest self. This very moment should be a promise to yourself. So Wake up, kick A$$ and take names every day! We got this, NOW let's GO!!"

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful 2019 ♥

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