Fashion Trends: Athleisure

The term Athleisure become a Fashion/Cultural trend risen during the early 2000s with the boom of gym and yoga classes changing the way people used to be dressed to do exercises.

But to understand the success of this new fashion segment, we’ll dive into the main topics that turned basic gym clothes to an item of the fashion industry.


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Sports make part of societies lifestyle and influence the way people dress. Sports teams can represent cities, a nation or even ideologies creating strong relationships with the fans which show their support proudly wearing jerseys or anything with a badge. Soon people started wearing jerseys not only during game days but also it became part of people’s wardrobe.

Figuring this out, big sports apparel companies started to create and sell different items containing club logos like jackets, tracksuits, hats, etc. Introducing new designs and fabrics more suitable to the target market routine.


Anti-cellulite fabric

In order to develop better materials to enhance athletes performance with elastic and lighter products, technological improvements to synthetic fiber have made products like spandex more flexible, durable, and washable than natural materials.

The clothes can easily go from the gym to the street because the fabrics soak up the sweat and do not stink, blending a fresh and flattering look.


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Several brands took the wheel to define what can be considered Athleisure because not all sportswear are included in this category, that’s mean, wearing a team jersey with baggy sweatpants it’s not Athleisure.

Athleisure can be summarized as Athletic gear designed to non-athletes who care about fashion, for active individuals who value performance first, plus the flexibility of clothing stylish enough to wear on the street.

Having a comfortable and functional outfit is Athleisure’s main bullet point. Designed with breathable high-performance materials and tailored to perfectly fit on your body, athleisure can combine a casual/athletic look, easily suitable to either hit the gym or an evening meeting.

Learn how to make a killer athletic look:

The athleisure market has high growth potential catching the attention of the fashion and beauty industries partnering with big companies and performing collaborations with famous designers and big shot celebrities. So we’ll probably to see even more often this fresh fashion trend, getting notoriety and value on the market and industry.


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