Celebrities Halloween 2019

This year's list of creative and unique Halloween costumes is long, the Hollywood stars came up with all sorts of outfits. Take a look at all our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes, upvote your faves, and drop us a line in the comments telling us what you think of them.

 Heidi Klum as "Alien" 

Lil Nas X as "Killa"

Kylie Jenner as "Ariel"

Ciara and Russel Wilson as "The Carters"

Kim Kardashian as "Elle Woods, Legally blond"

Jessica Biel as "Young Justin Timberlake" and Justin Timberlake as "microphone"


Kourtney Kardashian as "Ariana Grande"


Cardi B as "Nurse"



Kim and Kanye were impeccable this year, the whole Kardashian-west crew joined the Halloween costumes party

The movie Sing 🎤 Saint as Johnny, Kanye as Johnny’s dad, Psalm as Johnny’s brother, Chicago as Ash

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