Brazilian Spot Traveling Guide: Paris

Hi guys! Isa Melo here ill be taking over the blog today to give you the best tips when going to Paris! ♥ It's my second time in France, I visited wonderful places that you will love and I'll give you insights for you to enjoy the best of The City of Lights.  

Best trip ever!

My second time in Paris, every time feels like the first! This city is for sure magic! I stayed at Hotel Pont royal small cozy 5 stars hotel, super recommended little nice balcony with city views, very well located.h

Eiffel Tower


Eiffel Tower - If you go during the morning is beautiful nut if you go at night it feels like you are in a different place, both are breathtaking 😍🗼

Restaurant: Café de l'Homme Best View Ever! Go night time, ask your concierge to book for you and get VIP access, 10:30pm the restaurant close the doors for the public and only guests can come in, good music, the food is to die for, and that's so far the best view in town

Coolest part of the trip, was to have access to scooters we drove everywhere and the city is full of bike/scooter lines - very safe. I used Lime scooters, so far is my fav. 

Louvre Museum

 Skip the Louvre line up, pay the security to let you in I paid 50 euro totally worth it the sun was burning! We went inside skipped the sun and line-up thanks God! ( must speak in French with them)

Disneyland Paris


Tip: Buy the fast pass to skip the line totally worth it otherwise you will be hours on the line-up.

It was very hot, the only thing I could wear was my Brazilian Spot clothes, comfy and stylish. I got close to 10 people stopping me and asking where I got it from.
It literally saved my trip because I walked all day and took pics all day and I needed to look my best for the pics but also needed to be comfy for the 40C DEGREES so hot!

"Paris is always a good idea!" I hope you liked today's special post, stay tuned to the upcoming news, and follow our newest IG account (only exclusive content from our Tuesdays blog posts!)  Brazilian Spot Blog Instagram 

Much Love ♥ 

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