Brazilian Spot 4 Year Anniversary

Save the date! On October 11th we'll celebrate the fourth year foundation of Brazilian Spot Apparel, the party is ours, but you get the gifts. Get ready for our biggest promo of the year, all collections with marked down prices and exclusive discounts during the anniversary weekend!

The Time Flyes

 It all started in 2015 and many things changed in 4 years, it feels like a long run for us, because we are so committed to always bring something new to our customers, new trends, styles, fabrics, and technology.

Our first Fashion Show

Happiness and good energies are on our DNA! We love to be surrounded by friends and family, environments where we feel blessed, loved and admired.


We want to be a part of every woman's life our ultimate goal is to make you unleash the powerful women within you because you deserve to feel the best version of yourself, confident and sexy.

Spreading a message

Brazilian Spot Blog

On November 12, 2018, the first Brazilian Spot Blog was published. We started as a way to bring entertainment and valuable news for our followers, however, we saw the opportunity to grow a community of female empowerment, bringing discussions and issues faced by modern women around the world.

The 2018/2019 Collection

At the beginning of 2018, an amount of 27 boxes sent straight from our factory in Brazil arrived at our HQ in Vancouver, Canada. Boxes filled with our new collection made on-demand with our Anti-cellulite Fabric, new designs, colors, but the same dream: To Be The sexiest active-casual wear for BossBabes!

The Anti-cellulite Fabric

It's never enough to talk about the benefits of our Anti-cellulite fabric. We developed a technology that creates a thermal effect that stimulates the sweat glands, resulting in faster calories burn that diminishes the cellulite spots on the affected areas.

And also, while you move with our apparel the Bioactive Mineral Crystals presents on our polyamide microfibers increases blood circulation to relieve cellulite, tonus and re-shape your body. 

Bola Rebola 

A throwback to this unforgettable day! The day we shoot a pro-dancer video, what an amazing moment. And the most important, our suits are amazing for dancing or any other activity, we guarantee! Plus, none activewear will be as suitable to any occasion as ours, still not believing?

Fashion Editorial

Our pieces are beautifully designed to give you a femme fatale look, without misplacing comfort and movement for your daily challenges.

All right guys, that's all for today. Just a selection of our top moments during these 4 years and we hope you to make part of lots of more years with us. 

Don't forget! Friday, October 11 it's our anniversary and we'll promote a huge sale during the whole weekend, don't miss the chance to get your piece of Brazil!

Much Love ♥

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